Sick of it? Let’s change it.

What if you could love who you’ve become?

Sick of glib self-help platitudes? Oh my goodness, me too. (Put down the “Slay The Day” coffee mug.) You’re probably also sick of your story: how you’re wired to be lazy or disorganized; how your mom f*cked up your body image and sense of boundaries — for life. You’re sick of knowing what you need to change, but not being able to do it. That’s the very definition of stuck, and it’s what I help you solve. Not with Inspo memes and more navel-gazing, but with a tangible, action-based approach that will get you out of your rut, free you from old shoulds and shouldn’ts, and dissolve the self-defeating behaviors that hold you back.

Stick with me, and I’ll get you unstuck.


Hi, I’m Dr. Sasha Heinz

(You can call me Sasha, or Dr. Heinz. Up to you.)

I like to tell my clients, if your friends don’t notice the change in you, I’m not doing my job. The good news is, I do my job really well. I’ve used a combination of psychology and coaching to help clients achieve results like: lose weight, have better relationships, make big career changes, and overcome the frustrating behaviors that are really holding them back.

A few things I've learned over the years...